Each year the GVMS Library offers a Birthday Book Program.  The sign-up sheet goes home with every student in their First Day Packet and can also be accessed here.  Mrs. Delaney, the Librarian, keeps a running list of books that she would like to add to the GVMS Library collection.  It includes nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics and fiction books of many different genres.  Once a family has signed up to participate, during the month of their child’s birthday, the family will get a written copy of the current wish list, or can access the newest list here. The cover letter that goes with the list include a book selection form.  Parents and students select the book they wish to donate, fill in the form, and return it with cash or a check payable to GVMS Library.  Mrs. Delaney orders the book, and prepares a special bookplate with the student’s name and the occasion for the donation (11th birthday, 12th birthday, etc.). When the book arrives, the bookplate (signed by the student) is placed in the book and the student has the option of being the very first person to check the book out of the GVMS Library!