• Latin I

    Latin is a useful language that helps to build your English vocabulary and to learn other languages (such as French or Spanish). In Latin I, students will learn the basics of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and Roman life. Through our textbook, we will explore the Mediterranean world at the peak of the Roman Empire, with emphasis on the town of Pompeii and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. We will also learn about the gods, culture, and (my favorite!) mythology in a fun, project-based environment.

    Our textbook is the Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 (4th Edition), Cambridge University Press. Each textbook chapter will be uploaded to OneNote as a PDF. Students will each receive a hard copy of the accompanying Cambridge workbook.

    Roman Empire  

    source: https://www.explo-re.com/the-roman-empire-map/

    Did you know: Magistra Kalman started learning Latin in the 6th grade!