This year I will stress growth mindset with all of the children.  People used to think that we were either smart or we weren't.  Our intelligence was fixed; however, our brains can grow and change over time.  Our brains are like a muscle.  We need to use them to get stronger and smarter. 


    People with a fixed mindset will avoid challenges and give up easily.  People with a growth mindset will embrace challenges, give their best effort, and believe their intelligence can change if they work hard. 


    In the classroom, I will encourage the children to have a growth mindset when they encounter struggles.  Below are some ways you can also help your child to have a growth mindset. 


    1. Talk about having a growth mindset with your child.  At the end of the day, ask, "Were mistakes made today and what did you do to overcome them?"


    2. Praise your child for the effort put into a task.  Try to avoid saying, "You're so smart."  Instead try saying, "Wow!  You worked really hard."


    3. Help your child understand that failure is okay!  Remind your child that the brain grows when faced with challenges. 


    4. Help your child to believe in his/her abilities.  Guide your child to redirect his/her thinking when tempted to give up.  



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