• Grading Policy for 2021-2022

    Grades are weighted and calculated using the percentages below:
    Summative Assessments (Chapter tests: GVSD Summative Unit Tests)-50% of grade
    Formative Assessments (Quizzes and projects)-40% of grade
    Other Assessments (homework)-10% of grade

    • There will usually be 2-3 quizzes per unit.
    • There will be a unit test at the end of each unit.
    • There are a total of 8 units covered over 4 marking periods.

    Homework assignments will be posted in class and on  Canvas.
    The best way to approach a homework assignment is to refer to the class notes for support.
    All homework answers will be posted on the Canvas so it is expected that you check your homework the night before we review it in class. In some cases a video walk-through of how to solve the problem(s) will also be provided.  Homework assignments will only be briefly reviewed the following day in class.

    It is very important that you check over your work, and correct any mistakes using a pen or pencil of another color. Perfect answers/work should be marked with a star or check mark.
    Quick-checks will be administered intermittently (bi-weekly or on weeks in which quizzes or tests are not given) to check student understanding of day to day studies.  It will be made up of direct questions from previous homework.  This score will count as a homework grade.  Homework completion is encouraged and will be factored into an additional homework grade on Skyward. Students are expected to submit their homework to Canvas daily (by 12 midnight) to be reviewed by the teacher for completion, accuracy, and corrections (if necessary).

    If you do not have internet access at home, please see the teacher.  The district has means to provide on loan a school issued hotspot at home.
    If you are absent, be sure to check Canvas for the assignments that you missed.  Students are permitted 2 days to make up missed work for each day absent.

     Qualities of a Learner- are learning behaviors that are not limited to, but include behaviors such as being prepared for class and participation (see full descriptors in the student handbook).  These behaviors will be rated in the area of effort in Skyward for each marking period.  Marks such as Com (commendable), S (satisfactory), NI (improvement needed), and U (unsatisfactory) will be used to measure progress in this area.