• How-To

    Export from TinkerCAD

    Once you have completed your design and have all of the parts of your design grouped:

    • Click on "Export" (towards the upper right)
    • Include "Everything in the design"
    • For 3D Print, ".STL"
    • Save the STL file to your computer

    Slice an STL File in Cura

    First, there's a great Cura guide here. The better you know how to use Cura, the more control you will have over how your prints come out.  Using the basic settings will be OK for basic prints, but the advanced settings are where you tune complex prints and fix problems.

    Once you have your STL file:

    • Once Cura is running, open or drag and drop your STL file into Cura.
    • Make sure you have the proper material selected - it's probably going to be PLA
    • Adjust your layer height, if necessary.  .2mm is good for most prints, .15mm or .1mm is going to give higher quality but take a longer time to print.
    • Adjust your infill - this is how solid your model's insides will be.  Most models don't need to be solid, 20-40% infill works well most of the time.
    • Click the button on the lower right to slice the file and save as GCode.  If you have a microSD card connected to your computer, it should automatically try to save to your removable drive.
    • Once you have your sliced (.Gcode) design on the MicroSD card, you can insert the card into your printer and priont your design.