• 3D Printing Camp

    I'm running an invitation-only pilot for a 3D Printing Camp in June 2018 at GVMS.


    We will be using the Creality Ender 3 printer for camp.  It's a kit; the more complex assemblies are already put together, but we will assemble the frame, attach assemblies to the frame, and make all of the connections.  I have already assembled one (so I know what to watch out for) and it took a couple of hours, taking my time and being careful.  We will assemble our printers on the first day of camp.



    Students will also need to purchase:

    • a 1KG spool of 1.75mm PLA filament
    • an 8GB or larger MicroSD card, preferably one that comes with a USB adapter or an SD card adapter.



    For software, students will need to have  the following installed on their personal laptops for camp:


    Online Resources

    There are a number of great online resources for 3D printing:

    • TinkerCAD - Online CAD/3D Design.  Basic online design tool.
    • OnShape - Online CAD/3D Design.  More advanced with a robust feature set.
    • Thingiverse - large online database of shareable 3D designs.

    Students are encouraged to create personal accounts on these sites using their own personal email addresses.  The free accounts are sufficient for any of these sites that also offer a for-pay option.


    Useful Links