• Question: What is a "Growth Mindset"?

    Answer: An approach to teaching and learning based on the belief that your basic qualitites are things you can cultivate through your efforts, your strategies and help from others (Mindset, Dweck, 2016)

    Next Question: What are the social, emotional and academic justifications for fostering a Growth Mindset in Mr. Vogt's class?

    Next Answer: If every student can see a role in helping themselves learn (social) and not be deterred by feelings of worry when learning gets challenging (emotional), then failures will lead to new understanding and actually produce more meaningful, richer knowledge in the end (academic).



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  • Classroom Implementation:

    It is my sincere goal to foster a Growth Mindset inspired classroom. Having recently taken a graduate-level class in which we learned how exceptional people seem to have a special talent for converting life's setbacks into future successes, I am inspired and motivated to promote this mindset at Charlestown!


    Classroom Interactions: "The Power of Yet" Your child will begin hearing me (Mr. Vogt) incorporate the word "YET" into daily conversations. An example of what I might say would be, "I don't know how to write an upper-case cursive R.....YET!" By simply adding this word into a sentence, the entire focus and attitude changes. Students will come home and begin using the word YET more often: You'll see!


    Instructional Strategies: We will enlarge and display a "Blob Chart" in which cartoon figures of children amongst the branches of a tree are climbing. I will refer to the Blob Tree often when introducing lessons. I will also use it to prompt conversations among collaborative learning groups as to where they feel their understanding places them on the tree.


    Assessment: Weekly check-ins (formative assessment) will occur on Wednesday mornings during our Class Meeting time. I will ascertain how students are progressing towards a Growth Mindset way of school life!