Welcome to K.D. Markley Elementary School!

    Welcome to K.D. Markley Elementary School. I hope you find this site a valuable tool to learn more about our school. K.D. Markley is an incredible place to be each day. Our students are remarkable in so many ways, and we have an extraordinary staff dedicated to meeting the needs of our children. I take pride and honor in serving as principal of this wonderful school.
    As principal, it is important to me that the children, as well as the faculty and staff of K.D. Markley, project an attitude that enables us to provide a challenging and nurturing environment in which students, staff, parents and the community work together to promote learning, responsibility, and academic excellence. Our goal at K.D. Markley is to encourage each child's unique development by providing a high quality educational program.
    K.D. Markley is a special place for children to learn because of the unwavering commitment to excellence of our students, staff and community. I believe that everyone is a valued stakeholder in helping our children become the best they can be in our ever-changing world. By working together we can continue to make K.D. Markley Elementary school a place where everyone is valued.
    Victoria Morris