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  • Poetry Unit

    You will need to find:

    1. Biographies on your poet
    2. Info on the literary movement your poet worked during

    Where should you look for resources?

    1. Online Databases


    Citation & Research Tools 


    • Start with World Book:
      • Here you will find short, simple intro articles on your poet and movement
      • NO CITATION SHORTCUT - you must copy/paste citation into noodletools
      • worldbook


    • Next check Literature Resource Center
      • Here you will find more in-depth sources on your person and movement
      • USE CITATION SHORTCUT, click "cite" and then "send to noodletools" and then "import" 
      • lit resource
    • If needed, you can also check the history databases
      • ushistory   
      • worldhistory


  • 2. Online Catalogs

  • Contemporary Authors

    This e-resource provides access to biographical and bibliographical information on more than 145,000 of today's most influential authors.



    3. Free Web Websites

    1. Poetry Archive
    2. Poetry Foundation
    3. The Academy of American Poets
      1. Poems, poet biographies, interviews, recordings, and essays. Includes a newsletter and events calendar, academy resources, discussion forum, a poet’s workshop of exercises, and teaching ideas.
    4. BBC Poetry
      1. The British Broadcasting Company’s poetry site. Poems, poets’ biographies, videos, and writing and performance tips from contemporary poets.
    5. Modern American Poetry
      1. Extensive material on poets included in Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Oxford). Manuscripts, brief critical essays, historical backgrounds, biographies, interviews, and sample syllabi.
    6. PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide
      1. Pages on American authors include bibliographies, biographies, and outside links. Information on literary movements and definitions, writing assignments, and historical perspectives.
    7. Poetry International
      1. International poets searchable by country or name. Poems in original language and translation, biographies, articles, and recordings.
    8. Poets’ Corner
      1. Includes work by roughly 800 poets. Individual poems and a selection of book-length collections, including anthologies.
    9. Representative Poetry Online
      1. Collection of poetry from Old English to the present day. Includes a glossary, timeline, and selection of criticism.