• School Board Update

    January 2018

  • East Whiteland to Raise Local Income Tax Rate

    The District was notified this month that the East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors intends to increase the township’s Earned Income Tax Rate (EIT) in 2019. The current EIT levy is 0.5%; the new rate may increase up to a statutory limit of 1%. Employees who work at K.D. Markley Elementary School, Great Valley Middle School, Great Valley High School, and District Office are subject to East Whiteland’s EIT if the municipality in which they live does not collect an EIT, or if it collects an EIT at a lower rate.

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  • School Board Adopts Goals Related to Contract Negotiations

    The Great Valley Board of School Directors formally began a process to negotiate a contact with the Great Valley Education Association in January 2018. Related to that process, the Great Valley School Board adopted goals for negotiations at its meeting on January 22.   

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  • Board Adopts Resolution to Stay within Act 1 Index for 2018-2019

    The Great Valley Board of School Directors began its work to approve a budget for the 2018-2019 school year. The Act 1 Index for next fiscal year is 2.4%. At its meeting on January 22, the Board voted not to increase the rate of its real estate tax, or any other tax for the support of public education, by an amount that exceeds the applicable index. In adopting the resolution, the Board agreed that it would not be eligible to use Act 1 referendum exceptions for the 2018-2019 budget. The budget, as it was presented to the School Board at the January work session, represents a 2.4% increase and totals $106,100,000. The administration will be working with the Board to further refine the budget in the coming months.

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  • Policy

    The Board repealed two policies: Policy 321: Political Activities; and Policy 421: Political Activities. Content of those policies is now covered in other policies.

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  • Wellness Committee Makes Presentation to the School Board

    Wellness Committee members Dustin Kasper and Emily Braskey presented information to the Great Valley Board of School Directors about the committee’s purpose and work.

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  • 2018-2019 Calendar Adopted

    The Board adopted a calendar for the 2018-2019 school year. Adjustments that are a little different from the last few years’ calendars include:

    • The first day of school is after Labor Day.
      The first student day will be Tuesday, September 4, which is after Labor Day. With the holiday so early in the month of September, this start date minimizes the number of days off within the first week of school, allowing for more continuous instruction and less disruption. We believe this maximizes learning opportunities for our students as they get acclimated to the routine of a new school year.
    • Fall conferences will not be held the week of Thanksgiving.
      Fall conferences will be held November 6 and 7. This earlier conference window better aligns with marking periods and enables parents and teachers to talk sooner about student progress. The earlier conference time also removes students from school for the General Election Day, which has been a logistical concern for some schools in the past.
    • The calendar includes only one snow make-up day.
      The only snow make-up day built into the calendar is February 15, which is currently scheduled as a professional development day for teachers (no school for students). Any snow days beyond one, or after February 15, will be made up at the end of the year.
    • Graduation is the same day as the last day of school.
      The last student day is scheduled for June 14, which is also the date of graduation. That graduation date will not change, even if snow make-up days are required.
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  • One-to-One Technology Presentation

    Teachers Bob Stewart (KDM) and Michelle Mariani (CT) joined Supervisor of Instructional Technology Jason Rasmussen and Elementary Supervisor Abby Linderman in a presentation to the School Board about the District’s implementation of one-to-one technology. The presentation highlighted how teachers are using iPads and apps to differentiate instruction, further engage students, and extend learning to home.

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