• E-Books

    GV students, staff, and families can access over 16000 ebooks from the PA Powerlibrary digital resources!

    How do I get to the ebooks? 

    1. Access ebooks here
    2. Access this by going to the library’s online resource webpage.
    3. Scroll down to click the PowerLibrary icon (or click here)
    4. Brose all the digital offerings if you want! You can find the e-books under “Find a book” and then click on “e-books."
      1. Or just click this icon directly above

    How do I get an account?

    1. Clicking the “ebooks” icon above will take you to the sign in page.
      1. If you have a PA library card just enter your barcode and click submit
      2. If you don’t have a PA library card you can create an ecard right now.
        1. Just fill out this form and they will give you an ecard
      3. Once you have an ecard, just type the number in and click submit

    How to choose an ebook from the options

    1. Search by keyword in the search field OR browse by topics on the left

    How to read a book once you’ve found it

    1. One you find a book you like, you click on it.
    2. From here you can read the summary.
    3. On the left you can open the PDF to read immediately.
    4. On the left you can click “full download” to download it.

    Email Miss Bogan with any questions. I am happy to help GV staff & students or their families with  this process!

  • GVHS also has ebooks for researching some popular research topics.

    Here's how to find those.

    When you find an ebook you wish to read, simply click on the "open" link (to the right of the title). This will open the book as a PDF right in your internet browser.

    Click here to see our new ebooks.

    ebooks image

    Once the book is open, you can click on the "more" icon in the top left hand corner of the document. This will allow you to see the table of contents for the book. You can jump directly to other chapters this way.

    You will also see a "citations" tab. If you click that tab, you will be given the citation for the book, which you can copy and paste directly into your Noodletools or Works cited page.

    ebooks image 2