• Word Study Practice


    Your child will bring home Word Study lists throughout the year that they will be expected to know how to sort and spell. Students will study and practice their list for two weeks and take a test at the end of the second week. We will practice these words and sorts daily in class, but your child is also expected to practice their words at home as well. You can practice these words any way you wish, or you can choose from some of the options listed on the front and back of this sheet. Words will be sent home bi-weekly on a colored sheet of paper and will appear in boxes in which you can cut apart to sort or use as flashcards. Word study practice does not need to be returned to school, however, your child will be expected to be prepared knowing their sort and their words by the end of the second week. Please retain this list so that you will have ideas to practice each week.

    · Cut the words apart on the word list. Sort your words any way you wish (you may want to start with the way we sorted the words in class). Now try and sort them again a different way.

    · Write all of your words in alphabetical order.

    · Read all of your words. Identify at least two patterns. Brainstorm and write down a new list of words that follow the same pattern.

    · Write a letter to a friend using words from your list.

    · Use www.puzzlemaker.com to create a word search with some of your words. Find the hidden words.

    · Use your finger to spell each of your words in a sandbox (or use salt on a tray, soap on a mirror, etc).

    · Time yourself! Write each word as many times as you can in one minute. You need to write a different word each minute.

    · Lay on your back with your feet in the air. Use your toe to write your word study words in the air.

    · Write down your words on a sheet of paper. Next to each word, write a rhyming nonsense word that follows the same phonetic pattern.

    · Write a definition for each of your words. You may create your own definition or use a dictionary.

    · Have someone scramble the letters in the words on your list. Try to unscramble each word.

    · Write all of your words in a zigzag chain.

    · Spell each of your words while dribbling a ball, doing push-ups, clapping under your knees, etc.

    · Write your words around the outside of a paper. Keep going until you get to the middle.

    · Write your words in bubble letters.

    · Write a funny/fictional story using as many of your word study words as you can.

    · Choose a way to sort your words. Write each word down using a different color for each pattern. (ex: red=all “ake” words, blue=all “ame” words, etc.)

    · Play memory! Cut out your words on the attached paper. Place cards face down and flip over two at a time. If the pattern matches, keep the cards! Keep going until you run out of matches.

    · Write your words with your finger on a parent/sibling’s back. Have him/her guess the word.

    · Play “Go Fish” with a parent/sibling using the phonetic pattern. Your goal is to find matches with the same pattern.

    · Spell each of your words out loud while doing jumping jacks.

    · Write a silly sentence for each word.

    · Write each word 3 times in your best handwriting.

    · Write your words with dots in pencil. Then use a marker or crayon to connect the dots.

    · Write your words with rainbow spelling. Change colors with each letter.