2019 - 2020 GVSD Goals

  • The Mission of the Great Valley School District is to ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate lifelong learner and a productive invested participant in the local and global community.

     Guiding Principles:

    • Great Valley School District will be an exemplary school of choice with opportunities to maximize potential in multiple areas for all children;  

    • All school district stakeholders will have the opportunity to communicate reciprocally with a shared vision of excellence and equity; and

    • Financial and operational procedures will maximize the fiscal health of the school district with clear planning into the future. 

    The goals are addressed in the following categories:

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement

    All students will be provided highly effective instruction aligned to a clearly articulated, rigorous, district-wide curriculum yielding student achievement. Strategies include...

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  • Communication and Culture

    Communication and Culture

    Collaboration and effective communication with the public and school community is critical to the success of the District, and relationships with stakeholders will be fostered at a high level through engagement. Strategies include...

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  • Policies and Governance

    Policies and Governance

    The School District is governed by the Great Valley School District Board Policies. The application and implementation of these policies is the basis of District processes and procedures. Strategies include...

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  • Finance and Operations

    Finance and Operations

    The Board has the fiduciary obligation to maximize District resources while providing the best educational opportunities to all students in a fiscally-responsible manner. Strategies include...

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