• The Wilson Reading System is a mastery-based reading decoding and encoding program designed to help students struggling with phonemic awareness.  In this class, we work intensely toward mastery of phonemic concepts as well as reading fluency, comprehension, high frequency sight words, and vocabulary. 

    Due to the rigor of the class, students will receive minimal homework.  Each night, students are asked to practice their sight words using a gross motor activity learned in class.  Also, students may have workbooks pages to complete, but this is only review from the day's/week's lessons. 

    The grading system is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory because it is a mastery program.

    When students reach the end of a Book/Step and are given a post-test, I will be in contact with parents/guardians to let them know of their child's progress.  

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!