Great Valley School District believes homework is an opportunity to support and enhance learning.  Homework introduces, reinforces, or extends knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

    Homework promotes learning related behaviors that lead to independence such as time management, responsibility, organization, self- advocacy, and inquiry.


    Time Management

    In order to build student literacy and responsibility at the elementary level, students are expected to read or be read to daily. Students may be expected to complete additional assignments to enhance and support learning.  Expected time frames (Monday – Thursday) include daily reading and possible additional assignments and will not exceed:



    10 minutes daily

    1st Grade

    15 minutes daily

    2nd Grade

    20 minutes daily

    3rd Grade

    30 minutes daily

    4th Grade

    40 minutes daily

    5th Grade

    50 minutes daily


    Occasionally, projects may extend this homework timeframe.


    Guidelines for Students:

    • Bring all materials home and return to school the next day.

    • Limit distractions while completing homework so that you can focus solely on your homework.

    • Try your best to work independently to complete homework.

    • Let your teacher know if you had difficulty completing the assignment and why.

    Guidelines for Parents:

    • Encourage your child to work independently, but say that you are available for help.

    • Be encouraging and supportive. Praise your child for completing their homework.

    • Provide a quiet space at home for homework completion.

    • Communicate directly with the teacher if a student is having difficulty or requiring excessive time to complete homework.

    • Access homework on Canvas, Skyward, or individual teacher websites as these tools will share information about homework expectations