NOTEBOOKS:  You are required to have a three ring binder to use as your science notebook. Your notebook will need three sections: notes, vocabulary, handouts. Also include lined paper for assignments.


    NOTES:  Notes are to be taken during each lesson and are to be kept in your notes section of your science notebook. You may not listen to iPods while teaching is taking place earbuds should be out!


    HOMEWORK:  Each homework assignment is usually worth two points. Homework assignments may be randomly collected and graded, try your best on every assignment. Show your work. Show everything in between the question and the answer. You will not receive credit if work is not shown. If you don’t know how to do a problem look at your notes, take a guess, and try it so I can see what you are thinking. Late HW assignments will be given a zero, unless of absence or significant conflict which must be discussed PRIOR to the HW due date. 


    ABSENCES:  If you are absent, make up work must be done.  All work due the day of your absence, including the previous night’s homework, will initially be marked as a ZERO in Skyward.  When you return, you are to show me the completed missed assignments and I will then correct the zero and give you credit for the assignment. 


    LATES TO CLASS:  Lates are recorded. After 3 lates to class you will receive a detention.


    TESTS/QUIZZES:  If you have done poorly on a quiz, I highly recommend you get EXTRA HELP before you take the unit test. If you fail a quiz, I highly recommend you ask me for an opportunity to re-Quiz.  You will be expected to perform remediation before you re-quiz. You must re-quiz within one week of the prior quiz. You will receive the average of both scores maxed at 80%.  If you have good quiz scores, you should feel confident you have mastered the material before you test! There is no re-test policy in the science department.


    EXTRA HELP:  I am available for extra help every day after school until 3:15, Mondays later by appointment. I am always available during 6th period. I am sometimes available other times during the school day, but only by appointment.  Use your study halls or campus effectively!


    GRADES:  Check your grades on Skyward as often as possible. Grades are based on the following:

                         Honors Chemistry:                                                  

                            Tests: 60%                                                               

                            Quizzes/Projects/Labs: 30%                                      

                            Homework/Classwork: 10%                                        


    See me with any concerns about Skyward, if you think there is a mistake!