• Homework Expectations

      Reading Homework:

      Each night, students will read for 30 minutes. They will log each book they complete on a running list in their reading notebooks. Students will also write Post-its while they read. Additionally, there will be various assignments to accompany reading on Canvas or in their reader's notebook. Book snaps will be completed once a week.


      Word Study Homework:
      Every other Monday, students will receive a new Word Study list and tic-tac-toe board. The students will have spelling activities to complete each Tuesday and Thursday in their word study notebooks, along with studying for the test that takes place every other Friday. 
      Math Homework:
      We will complete homework from workbooks or worksheets each night, Monday through Thursday. Dreambox will also be assigned about twice per week. Projects are ocassionally given per marking period.
      Science and Social Studies:
      There will occasionally be science and social studies homework assignments, but students will have occasional tests and quizzes to prepare for and projects to work on.
      Please Note:
      Students are expected to follow their planners and check the class site calendar for homework, as well as keep track of project work and due dates. Help is given with this a faded throughout the year to promote independence.
      Students are expected to do their homework/projects each night and turn in the next day or on the due date.
      IOU slips are given in the event of missed homework assignments, expected to be signed by parents and missed work should be completed that evening.
      Students should try their BEST on their homework.