• Study Tips


    A little a day, goes a long way! Don't cram the night before and cause yourself more stress than necessary!

    You can use these tips for any grade or subject!

    Learn them now and use them forever!


    ·        Reread your notes

    o   Try covering up certain words/phrases/examples and see if you can fill in the areas covered up

    o   Recite them out loud


    ·        Create concept cards

    o   Write a word or draw a picture on one side of the card

    o   Write a sentence using the word, definition or piece of key information on the back of the card and quiz yourself


    ·        Study with a buddy

    o   Have someone ask questions using your notes

    o   Look back through old sample questions and problems and try to answer or solve them again


    ·        Reread any pages in your textbook that go along with the lessons


    ·        Answer any questions at the end of the chapters in your textbook that match up with the lessons you are studying while alos review any handouts from class.