• Typing Skills!

    • Practive Typing Correctly on a Keyboard with the following links!
      This tutorial models exactly what fingers should be used on each key in order to touch type (type without looking).  I find this skill incredibly important, but overwhelming for young children.  Dance Mat makes it fun and amusing.  There are cartoon animals that explain how the typing should be done and then sing and dance and celebrate when the kids get it done.  The entire task of mastering typing is broken down into easy, manageable steps. 
      This site has a variety of games where the students type a letter on the keyboard in order to advance in the game.  The kids will love to play pacman or pop the bubbles, and at the same time they are familiarizing themselves with where the letters are on the keyboard.  This site is particularly good for younger students, and is also a great letter practice for preschool students. 
      Similar to Typing Master, this site has a variety of games, including stacking cups and the letter factory.  There are also more formal tutorials available for older students.