Week of 2/17/20: 


    Thursday: Social Studies Roaring Twenties and Great Depression Unit Test (study guide in glued into journal; Study journal notes, Canvas texts)

    Friday:  Math Quiz: Multiplication of Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers as well as models. Students have numerous examples in their math journal.





    *If you have questions regarding 5th grade activities from 5th Grade PTO, please email gwesgrade5@gmail.com 

    *TCHS field trip Friday, 2/21

    *Please sign your child's calendar by Tuesday of each week.

    *Tests should be signed, corrected (see the example sheet stapled into the folder), and returned by Friday (black test folder)

    *Optional Weekly Research Question due Friday.

     *When graded assignments (including reading logs) are sent home, they are to be signed and returned to school by Friday. For regular tests and quizzes, students are expected to correct their mistakes on another piece of paper to turn in with their assessments on Friday. If a student has difficulty with a concept, please let me know. 

    *Charge and bring IPADs to school every day!