Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Michelle Hanna

Hello!  My name is Michelle Hanna and I am one of the Elementary Gifted Support Teachers in the Great Valley School District.  I strive to be an INNOVATIVE EDUCATOR. My 15 years of teaching experience have shaped the teacher I have become today. Identifying learning needs, planning teaching strategies while utilizing technology has been a focus of mine for my entire teaching career.  I bring a wealth of educational experience to my teaching practice:   regular education teacher, gifted support teacher and technology instructional coach. I have worked in classrooms of all levels, K-12.

Moving students from passive to active learners allows more opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Today's students will enter a job market that values skills and abilities far different from the traditional workplace of their grandparents – even their parents. They must be able to efficiently collect, synthesize, and analyze information, then conduct research and work with others to employ that newfound knowledge.  Students learn more deeply when they can collaborate with peers and apply knowledge to real world problems.

The 21st Century Classroom does not exist without technology. Research shows that students in technology rich environments experience positive effects on achievement across all content areas. In my 15 years of teaching, I have continually integrated technology.  I believe that technology is providing opportunities to do what was practically impossible before; opportunities to innovate and create within every classroom.  

I  continually focus on each individual student as unique learners.  Throughout my teaching career, I have come to cherish those differences and capitalize on each learner’s strengths. I love the teaching profession and expanding the minds of learners of all ages. The possibility to construct meaningful learning opportunities that provide for critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication for the students is a challenge I continually accept.