• Summer Reading


    We, the Great Valley Middle School community of readers, encourage you to enjoy reading, learn what YOU want, and grow this summer.  Below are some opportunities for you to choose that will keep you learning over the summer months.   


    v      Best Seller Lists & Librarian Lists of Books to Read

    Looking for a good book?  Check out one of these lists:
    National Book Foundation Book Awards - click here 
    YALSA Recommended Reading - click here 
    New York Times Young Adult Hardcover - click here 
    Summer Reads for Rising 9th Graders (Mrs. Delaney) - click here 


    Goals Setting for Motivated Readers

    Motivated to read?  Looking for a challenge?  Check out this list of challenges for reading motivation! - click here 

    Text Scavenger Hunt

    Thinking about something more than a book?  Text is EVERYWHERE!! Take the challenge and go on a scavenger hunt for the most creative, interesting, funny uses of text you can find.  - click here 
    10 Genre Challenge 
    Want to expand your reading?  Try a new genre and see if you can meet the challenge.  - click here