• Classroom Guidance Curriculum

    Each classroom receives approximately 4 classroom guidance lessons each year.   The lessons focus on learning basic life skills including, but not limited to, topics related to bullying/harassment/respect, basic social skills, recognition of and appropriate expression of feelings, friendship skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, positive thinking/persevering/self-esteem, stress management skills, personal safety, appreciating differences and diversity, career development, and decision making.


    Please contact the guidance office if you would like additional information on any of the topics covered.



    Intro to Role of Counselor  

    Identification and Appropriate Expression of Feelings

    Self Esteem – Finding Interests  

    Personal Safety   


    First Grade:

    Feelings – Managing and Appropriate Expression    

    Friendship – Compromise (include discussion of I messages)   

    Diversity – Understanding and Appreciating Differences (review I messages)   

    Personal Safety 


    Second Grade:

    Conflict Resolution   


    Diversity – Respecting and Appreciating Differences 

    Stress Management 


    Third Grade:


    Stress Management  

    Decision Making 

    Career Development (include 339 goal/ Responsibility)  


    Fourth Grade:

    Respect/Bullying (include339 goal/6 pillar of character demonstration)  

    Diversity – Understanding how people learn and think differently  

    Stress Management – Mindfulness and Positive Thinking (Growth Mindset) Practices  

    Conflict Resolution – including communication styles (passive, aggressive, assertive communicators) 


    Fifth Grade:


    Decision Making/Peer Pressure

    Careers (include 339 goal/identification of “spark”)