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    ***First things first, please take this survey:  What do you know about Shakespeare??

    Click here and follow the instructions to gather information on the infamous William Shakespeare. This gives you loads of interesting information about our author, his times, and our play.  This is just a starting point, so get ready!
    Intro to Shakespeare PowerPoint   [Download]
    We went over this in class, but if you'd like to see the slides again, they are here for you.
    I hope you someday get to travel here yourselves, but in the meantime, explore the website to learn about the magnificent theatre where Shakespeare's plays came to life.
    The Authorship Debate:  Who IS Shakespeare?! 
    The Great Debate continues, as scholars argue over who the mystery of Shakespeare really is. Which side are you on? A believer in the one and only, or a doubter who smells a hoax? Read these theories to help you decide.