• Searching the free web

    1. Try Refseek.com - it's like google but will provide more academic and scholarly results!
    2. Google.com - see below for some tips for using google more effectively.
    3. Try Miller Center

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    A better Google search

    1. Use advanced search function and Limit for .edu or .gov 
    2. Develop a list of keywords and synonyms to use in your research. For instance "climate change economic" and "global warming economic" will bring different results!

    keywords      quotations

    dates      domain

     Evaluate Credibility

    accuracy authority current relevant purpose reliability

  • Annotated Bibliography 

    Printable - Annotated Bib Graphic Organizer

    What is an annotated bibliography?

    An annotated bibliography (or works cited) is essentially a beefed up works cited page. Your annotated bibliography must include the following information for each source you use for research:

    • Citation
    • Brief summary
      • 1-3 sentences summarizing the content of the source.
      • Include main points and add detail to dig deeper into the source.
    • Evaluation
      • 1-3 sentences evaluating the information and author of the source.
      • Some things you might mention include: is the author a resepected authority on the subject? Can you trust the facts provided? What type of audience was this source written for? Is there a bias in the author's point of view? Does this information corroborate with information from other sources?
    • Reflection
      • 1-3 sentences reflecting on the usefullness of this source.
      • Did this source provide you with a major portion of information or miniscule amounts?
      • Did the source contain interesting information?
      • Did you learn something about your topic you had not been previously aware of?

    Example of annotated citation

    Guillermo, Kathy. "Zika Response should Not Include Animal Experiments." People
         for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 28 Jul 2016,SIRS Issues Researcher,

         This article discusses the morality and scientific
         veracity of animal experimentation, specifically in reference to the recent
         Zika Virus outbreak. Guillermo's main point here is that "studies should
         add to the body of knowledge of medical treatments for humans" and that
         "studies on animals won't do this."  Citing a recent NIH
         strategic plan, Guillermo offers further research which concludes that data
         from other animals does not apply to human beings. Kathy Guillermo is the
         senior vice president of laboratory investigations at PETA. PETA is an
         american animal rights organization and nonprofit corporation. Because PETA
         has a clear stake in this argument, and clear bias against harm towards
         animals, I will look for corroborating research before using this source
         for the project. I will use this source in my project to demonstrate opposition
         towards animal experimentation.

    Sick of Powerpoint and Presie?

    1. Try Powtoon.com to create your presentation. It's like a cooler powerpoint. You can add motion, sound, video, music, and even voice overs. If you'd like to learn how to use PowToon, Miss Bogan would be happy to show you!

  • Tech Tools you can use

    For recording the interview (when interview is video chat)

    You can try using the app called EZ Talks. EZ Talks is a really cool app that is on your ipads. It allows you to do a video chat call with your expert and it will record the chat. EZ Talks is really great becasue the expert only needs a code to join the recorded chat. The do NOT need to also download the EZ Talks app or anything like that!

    Here are instructions for using EZ Talks.  If you would like more information on this please let Miss Bogan know.


    For recording the Ted Talk

    You can try using the app Touchcast. Touchcast is on your ipads.  It has several recording options, one of which is great for this project. It will allow you to record as if you were a news anchor. The app provides you with a teleprompter that you can load your script/talking points into (no notecards needed!). It will also let you display pictures, slides, video, graphs, stats, and more on the screen while you talk. 

    Here are instructions for using Touchcast.  If you would like more information on this app please let Miss Bogan know.