Physics Design Research

  • Physics

    Three places you might find resources for your physics research:

    • Books
    • Online Databases
    • Free web (i.e. google)



    You can search for library books on your topic by typing in the below search box. You might try simple phrases such as just the word "physics" or "science" before your topic. Examples:

    • Physics baseball or
    • Science Baseball
    • Physics roller coaster or
    • Science roller coaster
  • Databases

    Whether you are using databases or free web your keywords will be very important. Roller coaster or amusement park.


    • JSTOR
    • Power Library 


    • This is a database that GVHS Library pays for, which you can use to research a variety of subjects. The articles you find in JSTOR are most likely to be academic and trustworthy.  

    Power Library

    Click on "Health/Science" and try some of the following databases.

    • Academic Onefile
    • General OneFile
    • Science Reference Center

    Others have had luck using the Sirs Database (scientific american is in here)

    SIRS Issues Researcher 


    Free Web 

    You can sometimes find great resources on the free web (google), though it is much harder. You will be expected to carefully evaluate these sources before using them for academic research. Be sure to educate yourself on who wrote/produced/published the resource. Check that the person or organization that wrote/published/produced the information has authority on the subject.

  (science of roller coasters filetype:pdf)

    • When using google you might try searching just for PDFs on your topic. Sometimes this will bring you scholarly journals.  
    • Type "filetype:pdf" after the final search term in the search box
    • Always check to make sure the article was not written by other students.

    Refseek (use science behind baseball example)

    • Always check to make sure the article is written and published by reputable, authoritative source and not other students!


    The Wikipedia loophole? (use wikipedia baseball physics example)

    • You may not use or cite any facts from Wikipedia, but you may scroll to the bottom of the Wikipedia page and look through it's citations for useful sources! Sometimes you can jump to actual authoritative journal articles from there.