Counseling Groups

  •      Participation in a small guidance group can be a wonderful way for children to work together to enhance skills and solve problems.   The group offerings are primarily designed to enhance social skills, coping skills, and support for students experiencing family changes (see group offerings for more details).  New groups begin in October and January.  The groups that run each round will be those with the greatest interest and need.    If you feel your child would benefit from any of the following group offerings, please complete the permission form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher.   Click here for Guidance Group Permission Form
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    When do the groups meet?    Guidance Groups meet during the school day
    Will my child miss recess?    Maybe some, but every effort is made to get the children out for at least some recess.
    How frequently does the group meet?   One time per cycle for 6 cycles.
    How will I know if my child gets into a group?   If you sign your child up for a group, your child will be in that group.
    Can I sign my child up at any time?    No.   When you fill out the form, your child will be signed up for the group during that session. All of the groups have a beginning and ending, so if you miss the sign up for the beginning of a group, your child will have to wait until the next round of groups begin.   There are  2-3 rounds of groups per year.
    Who runs the groups?    Mrs. Schrecengost runs all of the groups and at times our school social worker, Krista Russell.    Student counseling interns may assist with group facilitation as well.
    What do you do in groups?   Specific activities and games are utilized to work on specific skills.