• The assignment system is one that I hope will provide the students with the best way of communicating their assignments from my class as well as their regular education class to you.  For second grade, I will use an assignment sheet.  For third grade, I will use the assignment book distributed and used in the students’ regular education class to record their assignments nightly.  All of the students are responsible for bringing home the necessary materials, completing their assignment and having a parent/guardian initialing the assignment sheet/book.  This will allow the students to earn a sticker on the “Homework Hero” sheet, which can then be used to earn a prize.  The assignment sheet/book will also serve as a communication tool between parent and teacher as necessary. Please be sure to check the assignment sheet/book nightly.


    Students will have a Friday Folder from Mrs. Hild's classroom. Student work is sent home on Fridays. There is signature page for a parent/guardian to sign and/or leave a comment. Please send back the emptied Friday folder on Monday; your child will get a sticker on the "Homework Hero" chart!
    Daily Homework:
    -Read for at least 15 minutes
    -Practice math facts
    -When there's additional homework, it will be noted in the assignment book or on the HW sheet.