• Below you will find a link to my DreamBox page.  DreamBox is an on-line program that the children will have access to at school to practice Math skills from facts to money and everything in-between.   The district has made this also available for your child to access from home as a way for your child to practice his or her math skills that we are learning in the classroom!  We recommend 3 (15minute) sessions at home.  It is fun, engaging, and interactive!  The program is set up to challenge your child as the succeed through the levels. You will receive a letter once I have had a chance to introduce the site to the children  Once your have the information if you have any questions on how to access your child's account, please let me know!


    To access DreamBox:
    1. Click the link provided at the bottom of this page.
    2. If you are accessing DreamBox on an iPad, you will need this webpage:https://play.dreambox.com/login/mvmd/sky4
    3. Choose our class - CT Gronwaldt
    4. Find your child's name.
    5. Click on your child's picture password.
    5. Have fun!