• What will we learn in 5th grade? 

    Language Arts:                                                                                language arts
    Students will participate in reading and writing workshop, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar instruction.
    Reading Workshop: Our reading workshop time will begin with a minilesson, focusing on a reading strategy readers need in order to improve their reading lives. Most of the reading the students will do will be of their own choosing, on their reading level. We will spend time each day reading novels independently and in small groups. Students will learn to discuss, reflect, and write about their reading. Throughout the year, we will read many different types of genres. Our class will work hard to create a reading community where everyone feels comfortable and excited to talk about books! 
    Each night, students should read for approximately 20-30 minutes. They will be transporting books between home and school. Students are asked to record what they have read in a log each night. It is VERY important that students remember to bring their log and book with them to school each day. 
    Students are encouraged to recommend books to me and their friends! 
    Writing Workshop: Like reading workshop, we will begin with a minilesson. Students will be instructed in one of the various writing skills and strategies they will need. Students will then work through the writing process. They will learn to brainstorm, draft, revise, edit, and publish. Students will work with me and with peers to share ideas, make corrections, and get feedback. We will read text from our favorite authors to use as examples of great writing. Students will learn to write personal narratives, nonfiction text, poetry, memoirs, informational essays, literary essays, and other types of stories. 
    Vocabulary: Students will each receive a Wordly Wise workbook which reflects their individual level. Every two weeks, the students will be assigned a lesson to complete. Students will work through the exercises, mostly during core extension time. If extra time is needed, the workbook can be taken home and completed for homework. A test will be given at the end of the week.
    Spelling: Students will take a pretest every two weeks. Each student will receive 20 spelling words comprised from multiple sources to best meet each child's needs while still  providing a challenge. The students will take a post test at the end of the week (alternating with Wordly Wise). All homework should be completed in the spelling journal and turned in the next day. Students who are completing an enrichment list may have different homework.
    Monday- Write your words 3 x each
    Tuesday-Write a sentence for each of the 1st 10 words
    Wednesday-Write a sentence for each of the 2nd 10 words
    Thursday-Have an adult give you a practice test. The adult should sign your spelling journal.  
    Grammar: Students will receive a grammar practice every few weeks.
    Math:                                                                                               math
    All students will be instructed using the 5th grade level Math in Focus textbook. Students have online access to the textbook and workbook.
    It is very important that students memorize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts up through 12. When students know these facts "by heart" it will make the more challenging 5th grade math easier. 
    Social Studies:                                                                                   social studies
    Our social studies lessons will focus on American History from the late 1800's through World War II. We will be exploring primary and secondary sources. Students will discover and build their knowledge on concepts such as geography, culture, economics, history, and political science. 
    1st Marking Period: The Age of Invention and Change
    2nd Marking Period: Becoming a World Power
    3rd Marking Period: Meeting Challenges at Home and Abroad
    Science:                                                                                             science
    Each marking period, we will investigate a science kit. These kits are hands-on, exploratory, and exciting! We will conduct experiments that will allow us to observe, hypothesize, inquire, and draw conclusions.
    1st Marking Period: Environments and Ecosystems
    2nd Marking Period: Astronomy
    3rd Marking Period: Rocks and Minerals