·         Section in a larger 3 ring binder to be used exclusively for math class


    ·         3 “sub dividers” with no pockets (see below for sections)


    ·         Calculator (recommended calculator is Texas Instruments 30XIIS Scientific Calculator)


    ·         Pens and Pencils (sharp with erasers)


    ·         Highlighters or colored pencils (at least 3 colors)


    ·         Covered Textbook


    ·         Assignment Book


    ·         Also, if you could donate a box of tissues for the classroom it would be greatly appreciated!




    Staying organized is a must in 6th grade!  A section within a three-ring binder is required for math class. The sections that need to be in your binder are:

    • A spiral notebook for homework 
    • A section for class notes
    • A section for homework worksheets and handouts