• 10th Academic English
    Welcome to 10th Academic English!  This class explores literature thematically.  Together, we will continue to build our reading, writing, speech, and listening skills as well as explore why writers write and how they are reacting to the world around them.  Some of these pieces will be challenging, but allow yourself the moment of struggle.  Everything is not meant to be easy--it is important that we challenge ourselves because this is how we grow as a reader, writer, and learner.  Through every piece, we will give you the tools to succeed and allow each individual the ability to practice on his/her/their own. 

    Reading Help

    This source allows you to reword difficult text.  There are many texts on this site already, or you can add a text that you are struggling with to the database.  
    This is an great resource where you can find strategies on how to approach text.  

    Writing and Grammar Help

    The OWL Purdue Writing Lab 
    This is an excellent source for all your grammatical and research questions!
    A classic, but still one of the best!
    Another helpful website on writing and research!
    Another wonderful website on writing and research!


    Another helpful website when studying for quizzes and tests.