Degrees and Certifications:

Welcome To Child Development III & IV

Ms. Jorgenson

Room 201


Course Description (III):

If you are thinking of a career in teaching, working with young children, nursing, psychology, counseling, special education, physical therapy, or parenting some day, this course is for you! Emphasis is placed on the advanced student, giving them opportunities to teach and run the Great Valley Preschool program by using effective communication and positive guidance while developing a relationship with each preschool child.  


Course Description (IV):

This advanced course is designed for seniors.  Students will learn important factors in giving preschoolers the best start in kindergarten.  Students will create lesson plans and teach in the Great Valley Preschool program three to five times a week.  The emphasis is on preschool Math, Art, Science, Language Arts, Safety and building a child's self-esteem.  



- Preschool Lab

- Portfolio/ Notebook

- Quizzes and Tests

- Class Preparation/ On Time for Class and Assignments

- Major Projects

---- Learning Centers/ Preschool Design

---- Lesson Plans

---- Preschool Observations

---- Preschool Graduation

- Class Participation/ Classwork



Preschool Evaluation:

- Professional attitude

- Participation in planning and preparation

- Techniques in teaching and communication

- Organization

- Lesson Plans

- Clean-up and final condition of the preschool