Degrees and Certifications:

Welcome to Child Development I

Ms. Jorgenson

Room 201


Course Description: 

Students will study the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of children from infancy through five years of age.  Students will be able to apply the knowledge gained through experiencing preschoolers in the Preschool Lab.  The student's behavior, language, and attitude must be positive and their dress and appearance must be appropriate to work with young children.  Regular class attendance is of utmost importance to ensure effective participation in the preschool program.  



The grading in this course is based on the following:

- Class participation and cooperation

- Completing all work on time

- In-Class and Out of Class Assignments

- Lesson Plans and Teaching


How to prepare for this class: 

- Have a positive attitude

- Be prepared to learn and share ideas with others

- Manage your time in class well

- Cooperation & working  well with others

- Following all Great Valley Rules & Expectations