• Great Valley Autistic Support Mission Statement   


    Mission of the Great Valley Autism Support program is to ensure each student and family feels supported and prepared to be successful, contributing members of their local and global community.  


    Guiding Principles 

    Through our core values listed below we strive to overcome the core deficits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder: restrictive/repetitive stereotypical behavior, language/communication, and social behavior.   


    -Inclusivity- preparing the Great Valley community members to be active participants in an inclusive world.  


    -Collaboration- between school, family and community is essential to the success of our students.


    -Student-Centered- each individual has great strengths and talents which are cultivated through individualized instruction. 


    -Instructional Practices- we utilize researched based principles to guide effective instruction to help each student develop their skills to the fullest potential.


    -Professionalism- committed to reflective practices, and continued professional development, grounded in communication and collaboration that encompasses the school, home and community.


     -Functional- grounded in functional outcomes we strive to meet students' needs across all domains including social/communication, behavioral, self-help, domestic, community, academics, vocational and self-advocacy.   


    -Post-graduate focused- educational outcome includes maximizing student's independence and vocational potential.