• 7th and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball

    2021-2022 Information


    Thank you for having interest in the 7th and 8th grade volleyball team. 

    Please look for an update about tryouts for the 2021 - 2022 volleyball team the first day of school. There will be two days of tryouts. First day of tryouts will be 8/31 and the second day of tryouts will be 9/1. Tryouts will be after school from 2:45 - 4:30. Players will know if they make the team or did not make the team by the end of the tryout days. 

    If you plan to attend tryouts next fall, please fill out the correct grade level interest form below. 

    Remember, in order to tryout for the team you must register and complete a physcial (complete, sign, and date SECTION 7 - physical page).

    If the proper paperwork is not submitted to the office prior to tryouts. You will not tryout or make the team. 

    Please read through the general middle school sports information handout provided by the Mr. Semar, the high school athletic director.  For more questions about fall sports and registration please visit the middle school athletics page.

    Each player must bring their own labeled personal water bottle.  NO water will be provided and there will be NO access to inside the building. Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Specific safety guidelines will be covered during our first practice. When arriving to practice, a mask should be on and social distance maintained.



    Contact Info:

    8th Grade Coaches                                                                            7th Grade Coach

    Mary Fischer-Nassib                                                                       Mrs. Melissa Raymond

    E-Mail: mfischernassib@gmail.com                                          E-Mail: msraymond@gvsd.org


    Assistant Coach:

    Stephanie Moore

    E-Mail: stephanie.moore30@gmail.com



    Volleyball Equipment Tips for New Players:

    • Knee pads are helpful and suggested but not required to be on the court.

    • Coaches do not make recommendations on brands for shoes nor does GVMS Volleyball have any discounts for items with local sporting good stores for volleyball. Players may wear athletic sneakers and do not need to invest in expensive volleyball specific shoes just for the middle school season.

    • Players may wear own white or black socks, crew or ankle, their choice for games.

    • Jerseys are the only item provided by the school. They are costly for parents to replace if lost so we remind players to take care of them and not put them in the dryer.

    • Players may wear solid black shorts or spandex for games. Small logos are acceptable but not colored piping along the edges. Reasonable length of shorts/spandex is required. Please see Coach if further explanation is needed.

    • Players are not to wear jewelry or have hair bands around their wrists. They may wear soft headbands/hairbands during the games in solid black or white if needed.

    • Players may bring water bottles and healthy snacks for games.

    • Players should wear sweatshirts/sweatpants to games when the cooler weather arrives.