• Unit 4: Becoming Avid Readers
    girls reading

    Kindergarten Reader’s Workshop explodes with excitement as the children have learned to love reading so much that they can hardly bear to stop reading- they have grown into avid readers! In this unit, readers will react to books, share their reactions with others, and invent fun things to do with books and friends. The readers will connect to the characters through their actions and feelings. They will continue to use decoding strategies and practice fluency.

     Unit Goals:
    • Readers have strategies for getting to know a character.  

    • Readers will explore parts of a story (characters, setting, plot) through fictional storybooks.

    • Readers will identify topics they have come to love because of their non-fiction reading.


    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Good readers study the facial expressions and body language to know what characters are thinking or feeling. 

    • Good readers explain what they have learned to others and share that learning.

    • Good readers practice reading their books many times to build fluency and comprehension.

    Ways to support your child at home:

    • Help your child note the facial features and body language of character to determine what the character is thinking or feeling.

    • Give your child plenty of time and opportunity to read independently and with others.

    • Help your child imagine what a character might say or think in the book. 

    • Encourage your child to act out the book character.
    Ask your child:
    •  While reading a book, ask: What do you think the character is thinking or feeling and how do you know?
    Answer: Look at the picture to see the character in the illustration. Then refer to the story details. 
    • How did the character change in this book?
    Answer: Use the pictures and story you are reading to ask this question.
    • What non-fiction topic are you passionate about?
    Answer: Answers will vary. Example: dogs, trucks, sharks, outer space...