• Unit 3: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles
    kids reading

    Kindergarten Reader’s Workshop is filled with growing readers! Your partnership at home has been remarkable in helping the children to grow. In this unit, the children will continue to use print strategies that teach them how to approach and read a tricky word. Additionally, this unit introduces more strategies that will be useful in developing bigger reading muscles to access more challenging books.

     Unit Goals:
    • Readers will add to the strategies they can use when they are reading. 

    • Readers will think more deeply about what a book is really saying by using their pattern power.

    • Readers will grow and build upon their understanding and knowledge of letters and sounds.

    • Readers will begin to read books with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.  


    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Good readers use print strategies to help to figure out the tricky words. 

    • Good readers reread to rethink the tricky parts, practice with a smooth voice, and to find more details in the book.

    • Good readers use partners to coach them through the tricky words or parts of a book.

    Ways to support your child at home:

    • Help your child to tell which super power he/she is using and why.

    • Help your child to grow bigger reading muscles by continuing to increase his/her stamina and focus with a book.

    • While your child is reading, encourage your child to talk about his/her book to build comprehension. (Book talk: “I notice…I think… I wonder…”, making predictions, drawing inferences)

    Ask your child:
    •  Can you tell me about some of the ways you can read with a partner?
    Answer: See-Saw read, Echo read, Play Guess What's Next?, hunt for snap words. 
    • Can you tell me how you check your reading?
    Answer: I ask myself "Does it make sense? Does it sound right? Does it look right?"