*Observations   *Hypothesis  *Experiments  *Questions
    Topics We Will Explore This Year...
                                                *Ecosystems, Biomes, and Endangered Species
                                                *Astronomy: The Sun, the Moon, and Stars
                                                *Rocks and Minerals
    Daily Materials Needed for Science:
    Green notebook
    Green pocket folder 
    What are we currently studying?
    *Space-- We are learning how the moon and Earth move in space, resulting in day/night, seasons, and eclipses.  In addtion, we will learn about the features of the sun and the life cycle of stars. 
    Click the link below for the directions to the project for this unit.
    Science Links:
     This site teaches you about owl pellets and allows you to do a virtual dissection!
     This site provides an interactive tour of the solar system!
    This site from NASA gives a fun tour of our solar system!