• AP Biology - Summer Assignments for the 2019-20 School Year 

    Welcome to AP Biology!

                 You are in for a fun and challenging year!  AP Biology is truly a college level course that follows the curriculum of an introductory biology course taken by biology/pre-med or science majors.  You will be expected to keep up with the pace of the course, which will require diligent study habits and a strong desire to learn.  

                The AP Biology curriculum is designed for students who have completed and excelled in 1 year of high school biology and 1 year of high school chemistry.  As we have done over the past few years, we have opened this course to underclassmen, including freshmen, who have demonstrated the ability to master difficult concepts at a fast rate. 

    Due to the fact that many of you are over 1 year removed from biology and chemistry or haven’t taken them yet, I am asking you to review the prerequisite concepts of biology and chemistry.  Below is an outline of the materials that I expect students to know prior to taking this class

    To insure that you have the prerequisite knowledge, there will be a test of the concepts covered on the outline within the first 2 weeks of class.  So, while there is no graded component of the summer assignment, your understanding of the prerequisite content will be assessed.  All study of the prerequisite content and work offered on this site is optional, although highly recommended, especially for incoming freshmen.  There will be opportunities outside of class during the first week to meet with me to discuss any questions you may have with regard to the prerequisite material.  There will be a recommended score (83%) that serves a guide for students in terms of their continuation in the course.  Those students who do not meet the score will be required to do a remediation activity outside of class and meet with Mr. Bradley to discuss continuing in the course.  Because this is prerequisite material, the AP Biology textbook is not at the appropriate level to prepare for this information. 
    There are several resources that I have to help you prepare:
    Prerequisite Content Study Guide - Teacher Created - this is a pdf contains a combination of skeletal notes, activities, and note outlines that will guide you through the content, giving you a clearer understanding of the depth at which your understanding should be. 
    Standard Biology 1 Course Notes (modified):  
    I will also leave a limited supply of old textbooks - Modern Biology, 1999 edition, in the HS Counseling Office.  You will need to sign it out 
    Outside online resources:
    Mr. Bradley