2018-2019 GVHS Instrumental Music

    Student Leadership 


    It is with great excitement that the GVHS instrumental music program announces the student leadership invitations for the 2018-2019 school year.  The development of leadership is one of the major goals of the instrumental music program.  Leadership, both assigned and unassigned, is very important to the instrumental music program because it unites the music family as a whole.  In fact, leadership begins with your reaction to this announcement – for all members, leaders or not.  There will be over 150 students in the total instrumental music program next year, and many of the younger members do not have the experience or the knowledge that the older members do.  By displaying solid examples of team approach, hard work, positive attitude, and an enjoyment of music, the leaders of the instrumental music ensembles make the entire program better, stronger, and more enjoyable.

    Not everyone who auditioned was selected for exactly what they were hoping for, but this is does not mean that everyone cannot be a leader that contributes to the great whole.  There were many outstanding candidates, and everyone who auditioned can still make contributions to the instrumental music program.  It is also important that all members are supportive of leadership.  We cannot improve if we are tearing others down.  The only way up is to trust that everyone else is just as committed to the team as everyone else.  View it from a positive perspective… what if we allow space for others and ourselves to grow and change towards becoming better? (AWESOME!)

    Leadership is also vital to the strong tradition of pride in the instrumental music.  The Great Valley instrumental music has been at the core of the high school from the days that the doors first opened over 50 years ago.  Great Valley instrumental music has maintained a tradition of being leaders in the school, community, and in music.  This incoming class of student leaders has a strong sense of pride and a great commitment to the instrumental music, the school, and the community.

    The leadership teams for next school year are strong, engaged, and excited.  They have shown themselves to be great musicians, great students, and great people.  The possibilities for the instrumental music program are great because of these young leaders.  Congratulations to them!

    There will be a meeting for the 2018-2019 group.  Please mark this date on your calendar.

    2018-2019 Marching Band Student Leaders - Monday, June 4th 2018, 2:40pm-3:45pm

    2018-2019 ISC Meeting - Thursday, June 7th 2018, 2:40pm-3:15pm





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