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    Posted by Brittany Carlino on 4/20/2016 12:05:00 AM
    1. Please post your paragraph response from books 9-12.  Put the question you're answering at the top. 
      Do not worry about formatting or MLA.  Just copy and paste!
    2. By 10pm Friday, respond to 2 others with a bless, a press or a bless/press (think 3-5 sentences with at least one specific page reference when possible).
      • Bless = agreeing with and extending their idea via adding DQs OR pointing out something they did well within their thinking/writing
      • Press = challenging a point by offering contrasting DQs OR pointing out an area of their writing they can improve upon
      • IMPORTANT:  Make sure EVERYONE has a response, so don't comment on someone's who got something already until everyone has at least one response.
    Thanks for your patience!
    How-To Notes:  once you're logged in, you need to click on the "Comments ()" link to open the place to post.  One people start commenting you can then reply. 
     It will then look like this:
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