• Dreambox is an interactive, online learning tool that uses a video format to reinforce the math concepts students are learning in school. Students can access Dreambox both in school and at home, strengthening the home-school connection. Because Dreambox adapts to the individual student, the online software challenges students to improve their math skills. The software supports conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Students log into their individual Dreambox account to access activities that are tied to the math standards in their curriculum. You will need your child's specific login information (username and password). If you do not remember it, please contact your child's teacher for assistance. (During the summer months, parents may call the school office for help.)

Accessing Dreambox on the iPad

  • The app is called DreamBox Math and is available through Apple’s App Store.

    1. Search for DreamBox Math in the Apple's App Store.
    2. Install DreamBox Math. 
    3. When prompted in the app, enter your school code (See below for the appropriate code for your child’s school).
    4. Be sure to enable the automatic update function on your devices to ensure your students receive the most current experience throughout the year.

    School Codes for the Dreambox App (iPad):

    • Charlestown Elementary School:  mvmd/sky4
    • General Wayne Elementary School: mvmd/vwr3
    • K.D. Markley Elementary School: mvmd/r8fz
    • Sugartown Elementary School: mvmd/czvv
    • Great Valley Middle School: mvmd/smaz
    • Great Valley High School: mvmd/c9k2


Accessing Dreambox on a Computer

Dreambox Support

  • If you have any Dreambox program-specific or technical questions, please contact Dreambox Client Care by calling them at 877-451-7845 (weekdays 7am to 5pm, Pacific Time), or email support@dreambox.com

    For additional information about Dreambox, including information about parent access, please see the Setup Questions and Answers.