Personal Finance

Personal Finance




    Personal Finance

    Business/Technology Elective


    Grade Level:  10th, 11th and 12th       
    Length of Course:  Semester
    Periods Per Cycle:  6 periods/cycle
    Credit:  .5 credit
    Duration of Session:  47 Minutes     
    District Phone Ext:  2125
    Teacher:  Mr. Balderson
    Email Address:


    Personal Finance is a great course for the student who wants to acquire the lifelong personal finance skills necessary to be a financially-literate member of society.  Technology, globalization, and legislation have resulted in a more complex financial environment that requires consumers to be more involved in managing their personal finances.  This course will help students understand and navigate the ever increasing difficult world of finance.  The course will center on hands-on activities and on real-life financial decisions and problems.  Topics will include budgeting, goal setting, banking, saving & investing, tax-preparation, using credit wisely, and insurance.



    Web Sites:      NYSE                                                                         IRS

                          Moneys Best Friend                                                    The Mint

                          Investor Words                                                          Yahoo! Finance

                          Virtual Stock Exchange                                               Mortgage Calculator


    Periodicals:    Guide to Understanding Money & Investing                    Wall Street Journal

                         Business Week Magazine                                             Forbes

                         Money Magazine                                                         Business & Finance Magazine


    Software:       MS Excel                                                                    MS Word

                         MS PowerPoint                                                            World Wide Web





    A  Total Points system of grading is used in this class.  Each assignment, project, quiz, etc., is worth a certain number of points.  The points the students earn are recorded in the electronic grading program.  At the end of the marking period, the students’ quarter grade will be determined by dividing the total number of possible points into the total number of points earned by each student.  Because the teachers at Great Valley use an electronic grading program, students and parents have the ability at any time to know what his or her current average is.  There will generally be no homework given for this course (although students may be required to bring in pictures and or other materials to use for various projects).





    1.      Money Management – Saving and Budgeting

    2.      Banking and Financial Services

    3.      Using Credit Wisely

    4.      Investing in the Stock Market

    5.      Fundamentals of Insurance

    6.      Taxes for Teens



    Quizzes and Projects


    1.            Students will take one test after the completion of each of the above units.

    2.            Students will complete a set of business problems pertinent to each unit of study.

    3.            Students will use PowerPoint to profile a public company of their choice.

    4.            Students will participate in a stock market project and an online virtual stock market simulation.


    Class Participation


    Students are required to participate in all classroom discussions as well as classroom projects demonstrating the various units of study.



    How the Marking Period Grade is Determined


    Tests/Projects:                                      40%

    Business Problems:                                30%

    Class Assignments and Participation:        30%