• This is Tycho! Elizabeth (Kelly) DeMillion
    610-647-6651  x1138
    Here’s a little bit about my amazing family...
    1. Mr. DeMillion is my husband and he knows a lot about computers and helps me learn, too!!  He is very sweet!

    2. Molly was born in 1994, and she is working for the Chester County Intermediate Unit!  WOW!  She always makes me laugh!  Molly is married to Tim and they come visit me all the time! YAY!

    3. Meggie was born in 1997 and she goes to school at St. Joseph's University.  I love to spend time with Meggie!  She is funny and smart, and loves music and animals.  

    4. Merriweather and Tycho are our precious kitty-cats.  We all love them very much.  Our cats are sweet, soft, cuddly and playful.





      Things I Love!           

      1.  My family and my friends

      2.  The beach on summer days

      3.  Books, Books, and more Books!

      4.  Running ~ it’s hard but fun!

      5.  Relaxing with Molly and Meggie

      6.  Candy corn and whipped cream

      7.  Mo Willems books ~ they make me laugh so hard!

      8.  Traveling and having adventures

      9.  Learning and exploring with my kindergarten friends!!