• 1.      19th Amendment

    a.       What right did women gain from the passage of the 19th Amendment?

    2.      The Roaring Twenties

    a.       List three major events that occurred in 1922 (the year in which the novel is set).

    3.      The 18th Amendment

    a.       What exactly does the amendment abolish? What was the result?

    b.      18th Amendment

    c.      Wikipedia: Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

    4.      Prohibition

    a.       What is a Speakeasy? Based on information you have already collected from previous questions, why do you think Speakeasies popped up across the country?

    b.      Wikipedia: Speakeasy

    c.      Speakeasy photos

    5.      Organized Crime and Arnold Rothstein

    a.       Arnold "The Big Bankroll" Rothstein: What are three elements of Rothstein's biography that interest you? Explain.

    6.      Flappers

    a.       Read the first five paragraphs of the article about "Flapper Jane." According to the author, what are the essential elements of being a true flapper?

    b.      After reading the article, look at the selected photos of Louise Brooks. Does she fit the "Flapper" profile as proposed by the author of "Flapper Jane"? Why or why not?

    7.      Automobiles

    a.       Why were cars considered "the most important catalyst for social change in the 1920's"?

    b.      The Rise of Automobiles

    c.      Photos of 1920's era automobiles.

    d.      Gatsby Coachworks: Reproductions of 1920's era automobiles. The white and gold car is similar to what Jay Gatsby would have driven.

    8.      Music

    a.       The “Jazz Age”:  How did Fitzgerald describe it?  What caused it to end?  How is life characterized during these Roaring Twenties?

    b.      Musical History:  who coined that term?  Who were some of the most famous musicians of this era?  Listen to a few songs and record your thoughts and reactions to the songs.

    c.      If you have Spotify, you can listen to the music on the Spotify playlist) Use this direct link to the playlist.

    9.      1920's Slang

    a.       Read some 1920's slang terms.

    b.      Select your five favorite slang words and copy them down.

    c.      Why did you choose these terms?



    Other cool webpage with LOADS of info:  http://www.1920-30.com/prohibition/