• Parents - as you view your child's grades please be sure to ask him/her to share why he/she received the grade.  Responsibility is a big theme in 6th grade and we encourage your child to be responsible with sharing his/her grades and why he/she earned them.  Ask some leading questions!  For example: 
    Are you happy with the grade you earned?
    Do you think that the grade reflects what you really know? 
    How much studying did you do?
    Did you do any additional activities to help you learn the material?
    If you didn't understand the material in class did you ask a teacher for help during 8th period or a parent/grown up or sibling for help at home?
    PCR Reading Reminder:
    Even though it isn't listed on the homework every night, please remember that you are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes at least 5 days per week!