Welcome to Writer's Workshop!

     On this page we will share what is going on in Writer's Workshop:  Units of Study and photos of what we are doing and celebrations!  This is what is currently going on...
    First Unit... Introduction to Writer's Workshop/Writing Narrative stories
    In this unit we will reintroduce Writer's Workshop and talk about 2nd grade expectations.  We will be writing Narrative Stories...stories about us!  We will learn how to plan across 3-5 pages and how to add lots of great details to bring our stories to life!  We will experiment with 2nd grade leads and endings, and will publish a piece at the end of the unit in October!
    Unit 2:  Nonfiction...December/January
    We will be using what we read about in Reader's Workshop and writing a nonfiction text about Dog Jobs!  We will use all different types of nonfiction conventions to show our learnings!  We will present all of our knowledge at the Dog Expo in the beginning of February!!
    Unit 3:  Opinion Writing...February/March
    In this unit we will be learning about the genre of opinion writing and how to share our opinions.  We will apply this knowledge to books and eventually give a book an award, supporting the award with reasons.  We will celebrate this unit with a Book Award Ceremony in the Library with Mr. Schmidt!!
    Unit 4:  Poetry...April
    We will be writing free verse poetry about things we know.  We will explore "The Doors of Poetry" to find ideas.  We will share the poetry in the Poetry Cafe in the Library and will publish our own Poetry Anthology.
    Unit 5:  Fairy Tales...May/June
    In our final unit, we will tackle the genre of fairy tales and will also revisit narrative writing in general.  We will use our knowledge from Reader's Workshop and apply it to writing about Fairy Tale characters.  We will talk about point of view and explore many creative writing formats to show what we know about fairy tale characters!