Welcome to Reader's Workshop! 

    On this page, you will be able to read about our units of study and see some photos from our classroom!
    December/January Unit:  Nonfiction
    In this unit we will be reading nonfiction texts and will be learning about Dogs and their Jobs!!
    We will be using what we read to write a nonfiction text about Dog Jobs!
    Februrary/March Unit:  Series Books
    In this unit we will be reading longer and stronger books and will be comparing books in a series.  We will track our main characters and look for patterns in the series.  
    April Unit:  Poetry
    In this unit we will be revisiting our reading strategies and applying them to poetry, as well as continuing to read books in a series as we have learned about so many great series in our Series Unit!
    May/June Unit:  Fairy Tales
    In this final unit, we will be reading fairy tales and learning about the elements found in fairy tales.  We will be doing Reader's Theater of different fairy tales--both traditional and fractured!!