Article of the Week
    This year, you'll be reading an “Article of the Week” (AoW) (almost) every week.  These brief, contemporary articles will be drawn from a variety of publications like The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe Week, and others. This benefits you in multiple ways, and aligns with our class philosophy in multiple ways. 
    1. The AoW helps you build knowledge: We believe that "–analysis of the world around us makes us better participants in and citizens of that world."  Therefore, it's important to become knowledgeable about our society and the world. The better informed you can be about the issues that our society faces, the better equipped you’ll be to meet these challenges. 
    2. The AOW exposes you to real-world writing: We believe that "writing is an every day thing," and of course we aim to improve as writers throughout the year.  Research consistently shows that the more you read in any given genre, the better you write in that genre (and really, in others too!). 
    3. The AOW keeps you reading varied genres:  Finally, research also shows that the more you read, the better reader you become and the more you're able to learn.

    The weekly AofW will be posted below every Monday, with the most recent at the top. Read and take notes according to the directions for each AoW. On each Friday, you’ll turn in the article and add it to your AoW folder in class.  Evaluation will be as a homework grade with one or two a marking period selected at random (by moi!) to count as a quiz grade.  Happy reading!